Our services

Real Estate Development
Prim Lawrence Group provides comprehensive real estate development services including technical assistance in conceptualizing the projects, assembling the development team, site evaluation, securing financing, and project management.

The firm specializes in low-to- moderate income housing development projects and commercial
real estate. In order to ensure project feasibility we identify the most economically feasible
financing and structure for real estate projects. We prepare pro-forma financial statements and
assemble loan documentation in accordance with standard underwriting criteria. Below market
rate, public and private financing sources, are utilized.

Technical Assistance
Consulting services are provided to not-for- profit, faith-based corporations and government entities
engaged in housing development, economic development strategies, capacity building, and
workforce solutions. Services include but are not limited to; training, loan workout/stabilization
plans, program design and implementation, program planning, research, organizational
development, and outcome measures evaluation. We also specialize in the development of worker
and consumer owned cooperatives.

Organizational Assessments
We conduct organizational assessments which provide in-depth analysis of an organization’s
program management, financial management, board governance, fund development, human
resources, community relations/marketing/advocacy and information systems and use of
technology with recommendations for specific actions which can provide a catalyst for
organizational growth and sustainability.